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Legislative Training Request
Legislative Training Request

Out of its commitment to developing and enhancing the skills and knowledge of the legal professionals of Dubai Government Entities engaged in legislative work, over which the SLC has jurisdiction under its establishing Decree No. (23) of 2014, the SLC - through the Dubai Legislation Digital Platform - enables Government Entities to request the SLC to provide training for their legal professionals in any area related to legislative work. This includes enhancing the skills required for analysing and reviewing draft legislation; for legislative drafting; for providing legal opinions and preparing explanatory memoranda; and for performing any other work over which the SLC has jurisdiction.

Moreover, the training service offered by the SLC extends beyond standard training programmes on legislative work. A government entity may request a specialised training workshop focused on a specific piece of local legislation. This tailored approach aims to elevate the legislative knowledge of its legal professionals and provide the necessary support for ensuring the optimal implementation of legislation.

Government Entities may submit a training request to the SLC through the Dubai Legislation Digital Platform by clicking on the request submission link, logging in, providing the necessary information and data, and clicking the submit button.

The Dubai Legislation Digital Platform also provides access, through the Training Materials section, to various training materials offered by the SLC. This initiative is designed to disseminate legal knowledge and foster a legislative culture within the community.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which entities are eligible to request this service?

This service is accessible to all Government Entities and the SLC strategic partner entities with which the SLC has concluded memoranda of understanding and cooperation agreements.

Successfully Submitted

The request is sent to Supreme Legislation Committee. You will be notified on the progress.

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