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The Supreme Legislation Committee (SLC) has a broad mandate and set of responsibilities, including examining and reviewing all draft regulatory legislation proposed by the Government and Government agencies. This involves scrutinizing both form and subject matter of these drafts, offering expert opinions and advice, preparing and adopting the legal wording of such draft legislation. The SLC also takes an active role in suggesting and recommending amendments and updates to existing legislation in the emirate from time to time and representing the emirate in the committees established to study and draft federal legislation.


Through these functions, the SLC plays a pivotal role in maintaining a streamlined and adaptable legislative framework. This, in turn, eases the interpretation of legal documents and supports the smooth execution of various activities in compliance with applicable laws. Additionally, the Committee provides a range of services aimed at enhancing comprehension of legal provisions, fostering adherence to legislative requirements, developing effective review methodologies, and making available domestic and federal legislation and regulatory frameworks and amendments.


Through its digital platform, the SLC’s General Secretariat provides the following services:

New/Update Local Legislation Request

A request to study and review all draft local legislation proposed by 
the government and government agencies in terms of form and 
subject matter, to provide opinion and advice on them, and to 
prepare and approve the legal drafting of those projects in 
preparation for their approval by the competent authority

Review Federal Legislation Request

A request to study and review drafts of federal legislation and provide Government of Dubai views with regard to these drafts

Legal Advice and Opinion Request

It is the legal advice or legal opinion to be issued by the General 
Secretariat of the Supreme Legislation Committee on the issue 
presented by a governmental entity

Explanatory Note Request

Request a memorandum to interpret and clarify the legal content 
contained in the legislation issued in the Emirate of Dubai

Legislative Training Request

A training service in the areas of legislative work releated to the Supreme Committee for Legislation in the Emirate of Dubai. This service targets all government entities and by developing the skills and knowledge of human capabilities working for government entities in the areas of legislative work

Legislative Translation Request

This service allows government entities in the Emirate of Dubai to request the translation of any local legislation published in the Official Gazette of the Government of Dubai from the General Secretariat of the Supreme Legislation Committee in the Emirate of Dubai (SLC)

Review of Memorandum of Understanding/International Treaties Request

A request to review and express an opinion on the cooperation agreements and memorandums of understanding that the government or government entity welling to conclude with external parties and a request to express an opinion on draft international treaties or agreements that the government or government entity welling the state to join, sign or ratify, and to represent the emirate in the committees formed to negotiate them

Nomination for International Expedition Request

This service is available to government entities in the Emirate of Dubai to request a representative from the General Secretariat  of the Supreme Legislation Committee to participate in an initiative/project/work team/delegation related to SLC‘s roles and responsibilities

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