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SLC Youth Council and Legislative Audit Directorate organise panel discussion titled ‘Towards Sustainable Legislative Compliance’
SLC Youth Council and Legislative Audit Directorate organise panel discussion titled ‘Towards Sustainable Legislative Compliance’
14 Sep 2023

The Youth Council of the Supreme Legislation Committee in the Emirate of Dubai (SLC), organised, in collaboration with the Legislative Audit Directorate, a panel discussion entitled ‘Towards Sustainable Legislative Compliance,’ to increase the level of awareness about the significance of legislative assessment and audit processes. The discussion targeted the young cadres of government entities in Dubai.

The discussion was facilitated by Bushra Hamid Al Barwani, Senior Legal Officer and Head of the Social Legislation Section at the Legislation Directorate; Esraa Tariq Al Mutawa, Senior Legal Officer at the Legislation Directorate; Marwa Mohammed Ibrahim, Senior Legal Officer and Head of the Evaluation and Follow-up Section at the Legislative Audit Directorate; and Bashayer Mohamed Al Obeidli, Legal Officer at the Legislative Audit Directorate. The panel discussion shed light on the significance of proper implementation of legislation and conducting the legislative audit and impact assessment operations to ensure sustainable legislative compliance.

Ahmad Saeed bin Meshar Al Muhairi, SLC Secretary General, said: “Organising this panel discussion translates our commitment to developing legal awareness among the younger generation and highlighting the significance of building an effective and sustainable legislative system. Through the panel discussion, legal professionals from the Legislative Audit Directorate and the Legislation Directorate elaborated on the concepts of legislative audit and impact assessment; and emphasised the crucial role of this process in sustaining legislation and promoting the legislative audit culture. The discussion served as an ideal venue for addressing the various challenges that undermine the impact of legislation and audit assessments, and for proposing numerous strategies to promote and sustain legislative compliance.”

During the event, Bushra Al Barwani gave a succinct overview of the legislative process in the Emirate of Dubai. Esraa Al Mutawa, on the other hand, shed light on the role of legislative impact assessment in achieving sustainable legislative compliance. The discussion also featured an overview of legislative audit presented by Marwa Ibrahim. Furthermore, a presentation about the role of legislative audit in achieving a sustainable legislative compliance was delivered by Bashayer Al Obeidli.

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