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SLC organizes a range of activities during the UAE Innovation Month 2023
SLC organizes a range of activities during the UAE Innovation Month 2023
27 Feb 2023

The Supreme Legislation Committee in the Emirate of Dubai (the “SLC”) has organized a range of events and workshops during the UAE Innovation Month. These included internal and external activities, and joint initiatives involving the participation of strategic partners, that focused on innovation and sustainability, scientific research and intellectual property, and Metaverse from a legislative perspective.

H.E. Ahmad bin Meshar Al Muhairi, Secretary General of the SLC, said: “The UAE has made great strides in instilling the culture of innovation as a key pillar to its ambitious national strategies and future development vision. Innovation has also played a key role in driving the nation’s economic development by empowering talent and promoting scientific and technological excellence. The SLC is keen to integrate innovation in various aspects of our work processes in line with the UAE’s priorities in this regard. We recognize the significance of innovation in building strong foundations for a future legal and legislative ecosystem that keeps pace with rapid changes and supports the country’s sustainable development.”

Omar Alhemairi, Head of the Strategy and Quality Section and Head of the Innovation Team at the SLC, said: “The Innovation Month reflects the national ambitions to consolidate the UAE’s position among top innovative countries in the world. We, at the SLC, believe in the correlation between promoting innovation and advancing development in various fields, including the development of legislation. This approach is evident in the wide array of initiatives and activities organised by the SLC in celebrating this year’s Innovation Month. They highlight our growing reliance on creative minds and bright talents, leveraging the innovation potential of our employees in the implementation of initiatives and finding solutions to challenges. Furthermore, they ensure the optimum use of smart tools and innovative approaches in our operations. As part of these efforts, we have also developed the SLC’s innovative ecosystem in collaboration with the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai.”

To celebrate the UAE’s Innovation Month, the SLC’s Innovation Team has developed and implemented during the month of February 2023 some of the activities and workshops that have promoted knowledge and awareness internally at the SLC’s General Secretariat or externally. The remaining activities are set to continue over the next months, including a panel discussion on “Innovation in the Legislative Field.” This event will feature new ideas on the role of innovation in legislative work, and will present the key challenges facing the legislative process with regard to innovation. Another panel discussion will be held on the topic “Legislative Impact Assessment, an Innovative Step for Sustainable Legislation,” which will highlight the legislation that has an economic, environmental, social, or other impact on the government of Dubai. Besides, the panel discussion will explore ways to integrate innovation in the development of legislation. Other panel discussions include “Innovation and Intellectual Property,” and the “Role of Scientific Research and Innovation and their Impact on Legislation”.

Other innovation-centric activities organised by the SLC include “Experiencing Metaverse in the SLC’s General Secretariat,” “Legislative Podcast,” and “Thursday, Our Innovation Day.”

The SLC will conclude its Innovation Month activities by organising the ”International Legislation Trends Cloud”, an event that will highlight top legislative trends globally. It further The latter will explore ways in which this Cloud-based service will be provided to legal consultants and officers at the SLC in order to support them in performing their duties, access the latest global legislation, and keep pace with current trends in the field.

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