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SLC organises knowledge-sharing workshop on ‘Existing Rights of Public Employees’
SLC organises knowledge-sharing workshop on ‘Existing Rights of Public Employees’
21 Dec 2023

The Supreme Legislation Committee in the Emirate of Dubai (SLC) organised a knowledge-sharing workshop titled ‘Existing Rights of Public Employees’. The workshop was led by Dr. Faisal Hassan Al Omari, legal advisor at the SLC in the presence of several employees from government entities in Dubai. 

The workshop featured various topics including the concept of existing rights, the opinions and approaches justifying the acquisition of these rights, and the basic principles based on which they are granted. In addition, the workshop explored various areas of this legal concept, including the existing rights of public employees under the administrative law, the legal basis and effects of these rights, the scope of these rights under the human resource management law of the government of Dubai, and the role of the judiciary in protecting existing rights.   

Ahmad bin Meshar Al-Muhairi, SLC Secretary General, stated: “We place great significance on reinforcing the legal knowledge of rights and explaining their nature and scope with a view to enriching the understanding of the obligations and duties of the parties to the employment relationship. Thus, defining employee existing rights and creating the legal framework of these rights plays a significant role in regulating the contractual relationship between the employer and the employee. In this regard, the workshop discussed all the aspects of these rights, explained their concept as defined in the administrative law, and emphasised the employee’s legal status as well as the implications of enjoying these rights.”

Bin Meshar underscored that the SLC will continue its efforts to promote the legal awareness and legislative knowledge of government officials in the Emirate of Dubai. This move will contribute to reinforcing the position of Dubai as a global leader in legislative foresight, agility, and excellence in support of government operations. 

Dr. Al Omari pointed out that the workshop offered an interactive platform to raise awareness on the existing rights of public employees by exploring the basis of these rights, defining and determining their scope, and enumerating their contractual implications and legal effects. He also stated that the workshop offered a comprehensive account of the existing rights of public employees, shed light on the legal opinions issued in respect of the acquisition and protection of employee’s rights and the role of these rights in employee retention and promotion. Dr. Al Omari also highlighted the significance of organising such workshops, serving as awareness raising opportunities, contributing to the advancement of legal and legislative awareness among government employees and allowing them to gain a complete understanding of their rights and duties.


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