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Statement by Ahmad bin Meshar Al Muhairi, Secretary General of the Supreme Legislation Committee On International Translation Day 2023
Statement by Ahmad bin Meshar Al Muhairi, Secretary General of the Supreme Legislation Committee On International Translation Day 2023
29 Sep 2023

On the occasion of International Translation Day, we acknowledge and celebrate the pivotal role of translation in the dissemination of knowledge and exchange of cultural output among nations. Translation stands as a formidable conduit, a powerful instrument facilitating the exchange of ideas and information, and facilitating dialogue among nations, while also significantly contributing to preserving the vibrancy and rich tapestry of numerous languages and cultures. Translation serves as a gateway through which we delve into the intellectual, literary, and artistic treasures of diverse communities worldwide.

This occasion shines a spotlight on the invaluable contributions of translators, emphasising their crucial role in bridging the cultural and language divides among people. It further highlights the profound significance of translation in advancing human development, fostering cooperation among nations, nurturing constructive dialogues, and sharing human knowledge and experiences globally. The UAE’s commitment to advancing the significance of translation and launching various initiatives and programs is rooted in this belief that translation is central to facilitating cross-cultural communication. ‘Translation Challenge’, which is one of the leading translation programs for science and math content, and ‘Kalima’, an ambitious initiative aimed at translating the highest volume of foreign languages, are two of the pioneering initiatives launched by the UAE.

On International Translation Day, we at the Supreme Legislation Committee in the Emirate of Dubai (SLC), also recognise the vital role played by legal translators in facilitating communication and understanding of legal provisions and regulations, commending their endeavours to accurately communicate the legal documents and render the legislative intent imparted in legislative provisions, rendering them accessible to those addressed by them in various languages. The SLC extends its deep appreciation to all the translators around the world, and expresses its sincere gratitude to the translators working in the legal sector worldwide for their relentless work.

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