1. ​​​​discuss and approve the general policy for the legislation sector, and the SLC strategic plan which aims to regulate its work and enable it to achieve its objectives, submit these to the Executive Council for final approval, and follow up their implementation;
  2. review the plans and programmes required for the implementation of the general legislative policy and strategic objectives of the Emirate;
  3. consider and revise, in terms of form and content, all draft regulatory legislation proposed by the Government and by Government Entities, ensure they do not contradict the current legislation in force, ensure that legislative provisions are simple, applicable, and aligned with the strategic plans of the Emirate, provide relevant opinion and advice, and prepare or approve draft legislation;
  4. submit proposals and recommendations with respect to the amendments and updates that must be made, from time to time, to the legislation in force in the Emirate to ensure that legislation is in line with the latest developments and updates, and meets the requirements of development programmes in all areas;
  5. form technical committees comprised of legal staff and specialists employed by Government Entities or by other entities to consider legislation and other related matters;
  6. represent the Emirate in committees formed to consider or draft federal legislation;
  7. issue bylaws and explanatory memoranda for the local legislation in force in the Emirate;
  8. issue and publish reasoned legal opinions with respect to interpretation of the provisions of the legislation in force in the Emirate;
  9. provide legal opinion and advice with respect to inquiries submitted to the SLC by the Government or by Government Entities in relation to legislative provisions;
  10. issue regulations to monitor compliance of Government Entities with the legislation in force, follow up implementation of legislation by Government Entities, prepare periodic reports on the same, and submit copies of these reports to the Chairman of the Executive Council;
  11. in coordination with concerned Government Entities, represent the Emirate in committees formed to consider and negotiate conventions, treaties, or memoranda of understanding with foreign entities, and give legal opinion and advice on the same before acceding to, signing, or ratifying them;
  12. participate in the sectoral committees of the Executive Council;
  13. coordinate the organisation of training programmes and courses with Government Entities to ensure the sound legal understanding and guarantee the proper implementation of the legislation in force in the Emirate;
  14. publish the Official Gazette of the Government and manage its website;
  15. translate into foreign languages the legislation which the SLC deems necessary or useful to be translated;
  16. maintain the original copies of all legislation issued by the Ruler;
  17. compile, maintain, and archive all legislation issued by the Government or by Government Entities in the Emirate; and
  18. approve the procedures required to establish effective communication and consultation channels with Government Entities concerned with revising legislation;​

Executive Council Resolution No. (12) of 2014 Approving the Terms of Reference of the Supreme Legislation Committee in the Emirate of Dubai ERC_12_2014.pdf