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Supreme Legislation Committee signs MoU with Dubai Police to enhance cooperation and support Dubai’s comprehensive and sustainable development plan

The General Secretariat of the Supreme Legislation Committee in the Emirate of Dubai (SLC) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Dubai Police to enhance their cooperation and make the UAE the safest country in the world. The MoU is made in line with the directives and vision of the UAE wise leadership to establish legal and legislative foundations that uphold the rule of law. It is also an important addition to SLC's efforts to form strategic partnerships to strengthen the legal system in the emirate with a view to supporting Dubai's comprehensive and sustainable development.

Under the MoU, the two parties agreed to concert efforts to achieve their common interests. Their focus areas include developing the legislative process, achieving optimal implementation of legislation, strengthening the legal system and institutional work, and exchanging published in specialized journals and periodicals, particularly in respect of Dubai legislation. Peer-review of the research conducted by the Research and Studies Center, including in the Journal of Security and Law, occupied ample space in the MoU which also focuses on enhancing mutual research and academic cooperation by granting Dubai Police eligible researchers access to SLC's database to help them prepare and complete their legal research. Furthermore, the SLC and Dubai Police agreed on developing a training portfolio on legislation drafting.

Commenting on the MoU, H.E. Ahmad Saeed bin Meshar Al Muhairi, SLC Secretary General, said: "We are pleased to conclude this new MoU with Dubai Police. The MoU will allow us to concert our efforts and capabilities to strengthen Dubai's legal and legislative system, being a cornerstone for creating the future that our wise leadership aspires to. Dubai Police is the latest addition to our growing network of public and private sector partners, enabling us to enrich legal knowledge in the emirate, guarantee optimal implementation of legislation, and establish the legislative system in step with current and future requirements."

Bin Meshar added: "What makes this new partnership more significant is that it promotes a stronger peer-review process that will help upgrade legal training and legal and institutional research in the emirate, as well as encourage exchange of institutional expertise. We will work together to propose, study, and develop draft legislation that will support our wise leadership's ambitious development plans. As part of our MoU, the SLC will extend to Dubai Police its legal, legislative, and research expertise to help reinforce its ambitious bid to make Dubai the safest and happiest city in the world. We are reiterating our commitment to work with all our partners to develop sustainable and balanced legislation that contributes to building a justice system reflecting the 'Eight Principles of Dubai' and the 'Ten Principles of the UAE' in preparation for the next 50 years that are a harbinger for new horizons for excellence and leadership in Dubai and the UAE."

Maj. Gen. Dr. Abdul Quddus Abdul Razzaq Al Obaidli, Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Excellence and Leadership of Dubai Police said: "We are pleased to sign an MoU with the SLC and grow our list of partners. Our MoU seeks to strengthen the legal system and to achieve our respective strategic goals, to better serve the UAE community through the continuous development of the legislative system that ensures optimal implementation of legislation. Through our mutually beneficial partnership, we will build a robust legal system that can support the emirate's sustainable development, as well as enable the exchange of information to achieve our common goals. Moreover, under the MoU, both the SLC and Dubai Police will collaborate to provide legal training, enrich the legal knowledge base, strengthen our joint research and academic activities, and allow eligible researchers to have access to the SLC database to help them in their ongoing research that will be published in Dubai's specialized journals and periodicals. We will promote the exchange of these publications by developing and implementing an integrated communication system to ensure smooth cooperation between parties."

Al Obaidli added: "I am pleased to sign this MoU with H.E. Ahmad Saeed bin Meshar, SLC Secretary General, whereby Dubai Police and the SLC will form work teams to implement the agreed-upon projects and activities."

The SLC and Dubai Police will coordinate and work together on proposing draft legislation and exchanging relevant remarks, in support of the emirate's sustainable development plans, and promote legal training, research and studies. Furthermore, the two parties are committed to holding meetings to discuss common issues; participate in and contribute to the development of their respective legal and legislative projects; and share expertise, publications, legal and institutional research activities with each other to enrich legal knowledge in the emirate.







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