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Mohammed bin Rashid issues decrees promoting members of Dubai Judicial Authority

In His capacity as Ruler of Dubai, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum issued Decrees No. (6), (7), (8), (9), (10) of 2019 promoting members of the Dubai Judicial Authority.

The Decree No. (10) of 2019 promotes Chief Prosecutor Dr. Bakri Abdullah Hassan Al Sayed to the position of Advocate General at the Public Prosecutor's Office; while Decree No. (6) of 2019 appoints Ahmed Naser Mohammed Naser as a judge of the First Instances Court. Decree No. (7) of 2019 is related to the secondment of the same judge from Dubai Courts to the Financial Audit Authority for an automatically renewable term of one-year. The Financial Audit Authority will be in charge of his salary and remunerations during the period of his secondment.

Decree No. (8) of 2019 promotes judges at Dubai Courts including. This includes the promotion of Supreme Court Judges Ahmed Abdullah Mohammed Hussein, Omar Younis Said Ja'rour, Ahmed Ibrahim Saif Obaid and Buttai Sultan Butti Al Shamsi to the position of Senior Judges at the Supreme Court.

The Decree also promotes Appeal Court Senior Judges to Supreme Court Judges. These include  Saleh Mohammed Al-Kindi, Mohammed Mubarak Obaid Al-Sabousi, Rashid Mohammed Al-Sumairi, Saeed Salem Obaid Bin Saram, Saeed Hilal Humaid Al-Zaabi, Saif Ahmed Ali Al Haddad Al Hazmi, Jamal Salem Saeed Al Jabri, Jassim Mohammed Ali Abdullah Al Hosani, Mohammed Saeed Saleh Makram, Mohammed Jasem Mohammed Al Shamsi, and Dr. Khalil Ibrahim Ibrahim Ibrahim, Ali Abdullah Ali Al-Zubahi, Khalid Yahya Taher Al-Hosani, Hasan Rashid Saeed Al-Haimer, Naeem Abdul Aziz Salem Al-Kathiri, Ahmed Hassan Mohammed Al-Mutawa, Jamal Hussein Ahmed Al-Sumaiti, Abdullah Saif Abdullah Al Shamsi, Ali Hassan Ibrahim Al-Awadhi, Mansour Mohammad Sharif Al-Awadhi, Omar Mohammed Miran Mohammed, Mohammed Majid Mohammed Al-Abd, Shehab Ahmed Mohammed Al Shehhi, Adel Ahmed Mohammed Al Jasmi, Abdul Rahman Mohammed Abdul Rahman Al Awadi, Mohammed Ahmed Rashid Abdullah Al Nuaimi and Tariq Yaqoub Yousif Ahmed Al Khayyat.

The Decree No. (8) of 2019 also promotes Appeal Court Judges to Appeal Court Senior Judges. These include Abdulatif Mohammed Ali Sultan Al Ulama, Abdullah Ahmed Ali Al-Kitoub , Badr Ahmad Mohammed Al Jasmi, Ayoub Ali Hatem Mohammed Mulla Ahli, Salim Mohammed Salem Al Qaidi, Mohammed Abbas Saleh Hussain Al Raisi, and Ahmed Abdul Wahid Ahmed Mohammed Al Ali.

First Instances Court Senior Judges who were promoted to Appeal Court Judges include Ibtisam Ali Rashid Saif Badawi, Abdulrahman Nasser AbdulKarim Al Emadi, Khalid Mubarak Ghanim Kinsham, Jamal Hamad Obaid Al Shehhi, Ahmed Thabet Mohammed Al Ameri, Sheikha Hamad Obaid AlGhafli, Khalid Obaid Humaid AlMansouri, Fatima Ismail Mohammed Mahmoud, and Jassim Mohammed Ibrahim Al Zarouni.

First Instances Court Judges promoted under the Decree to First Instances Court Senior Judges include Mohammed Ali Mohammed Al-Bannai, Bader Mohammed Khaled Manaa Al-Sumairi, Dr. Khawla Ali Abdullah Al Abdooli, Ajeel Abdullah Rashid Abdullah Mana Al Muhairi, Mohammed Ahmed Murad Ahmed Al Hajaj, Ali Saif Abdullah Saif Al Shamsi, Hamid Darwish Mohammed Ali Al Shehhi, Mohammed Darwish Mohammed Musabih Ahmed, Saeed Malik Ahmed Malik Bin Shaheen Al Shehhi.

Meanwhile, Decree No. (9) of 2019 also promoted members of the Public Prosecution. Advocate Generals promoted under the Decree to Senior Advocate General included Mohammed Ali Rustom Bouabdallah, Hamad Juma Bilal Al-Khalafi, Ismail Ahmed Mohammed Melih, Ali Hassan Abdullah Al Marzouqi, Sami Salem Mohammed Al Shamsi, Ali Hamid Ali Bin Khatam, Waleed Ali Khalifa Al-Faqa'i, Yousef Mohammed Fulad Hassan Fulad, Ismail Ali Hasan Madani, Salah Mohammad Ali Boufroushah Al-Falasi.

In addition, Senior Chief Prosecutors Khalid Amin Al-Zarouni, Walid Mohammed Abdulrahman Al-Bannai, Issa Mohammed Sabt Mohammed, Younis Hussain Mohammed Al-Balushi, Mohammed Hussein Ahmed bin Ali Al Hammadi, Mohammed Hassan Abdul Rahim Abdullah, Ahmed Mohammed Malallah Al Hammadi, Abdul Rahman Mohammed Rashid Nasser Al Ma'amari, Hussein Ali Muhammad al-Naour al-Naqbi, Muhammad Ali Saeed Khalaf al-Naqbi, and Khaled Salem Amer al-Alawi, were promoted to position of Advocate General.

Also, Chief Prosecutors Ahmed Murad Ahmed, Faysal Abdulmalik Mustafa Ahli, Ahmed Issa Hassan Al-Azhou Al-Matroushi, Ali Mohammed Ali Al Hosani, Mohammed Sharif Abdullah Al Ali, Dr. Mohammed Ahmad Al-Zarouni, Tariq Ahmed Mohammed Al-Balushi, Ali Mohammed Abdullah Qusoum Al Naqbi, Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed Zakaria Al Ali, Mansour Abdul Rahman Al-Mohammad, Nabil Ahmed Rashid Al-Khadim, Ya'qub Yousef Al-Hammadi, Khalifa Hashim Mahmoud Al-Darmaki, Khalid Ali Saleh Al-Junaibi, Mohammed Amer Omar Keda, Abdullah Mohammed Abdullah Ahli, Khaled Mohammed Saleh Al Jasmi and Fahad Abdulaziz Al Zarouni, were promoted to Senior Chief Prosecutors.

Decree No. (9) of 2019 also promotes Assistant Chief Prosecutors Abdullah Sultan Mohammed Sultan Al Sharif, Ahmed Abdullah Ahmed Mohammed Al Attar, Walid Hassan Jassem Mohammed Al-Hosani, Abdullah Ali Beek Mohammed Al Mazam, Khalafan Mohammed Khalfan Al Yarwan Al Shamsi, Mohammed Abdul Aziz Abdullah Aziz Al Omar, Khamis Saeed Khamis Obaid Al Saad, Tariq Ahmad Rashid Ahmed Abousham Al Naqbi, Shuaib Ali Hatem Mohammed Ahli, Mohammed Salim Ahmed Al-Kiyoumi, Khalid Ahmed Abdullah Al Ameri, Abdullah Mohammed Ahmed Abdullah Al Ali, Ammar Mohammed Abdullah Al Marzouqi, Adel Khalifa Obaid Mohammed Al Hamoudi, Mohammed Hamad Hassan Rqait and Ammar Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed Dhanhani, to the position of Chief Prosecutors.

Senior Deputy Prosecutors Abdul Rahman Nasser Hassan Ibrahim, Ahmed Ibrahim Ali Al Hammadi, Issa Hassan Abdullah Nasser, Yousif Amin Abdul Rahman Al Ali, Mohammed Hassan Mohammed Al Ali, Saeed Ali Naqib Abdullah, Mohammed Darwish Mohammed Al Shehhi, Rashid Obaid Ibrahim Al-Ghamlasi, Nuhair Farouq Abdullah Al Hubaishi, Faysal Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Helou, Fahd AbdulKarim Mubarak Al-Hashil, Ahmed Ibrahim Abdullah Ali, Fahd Seif Ibrahim Mohammed bin Touq, Ali Mohammed Khalaf Saeed, Ahmed Yousif Jumaa Al Ali, Nasser Mohammed Al-Maamari, Ismail Ibrahim Ahmed Boucherin, Majid Abdel Rahim Abdullah Al Mulla, Sultan Saif Ibrahim Mohammed bin Touq and Maktoum Obeid Ali Al Shamsi, Nasser Saeed Mohammed Ahmed Al Mehrazi, Ali Mohammed Salem Al Mulla Al Suwaidi, Rashid Hassan Al Banna, Othman Mohamed Hassan Al Marzouqi, Khalid Hassan Al Mutawa, Ahmed Mohammed Hassan Tamim, were promoted to Assistant Chief Prosecutors.

Deputy Prosecutors Mitra Ibrahim Abdullah Madani, Khalid Abdullah Ahmed Ali Mohammed Hammadi, Musab Salem Ali Mohammed Matar Al Hosani, Saleh Ahmed Mohammed Saleh Al Shehhi, Khalid Ali Mohammed Obaid Al Qatami Al Suwaidi, Mariam Hassan Khalaf Mohammed Al Hosani, Noura Khadem Sorour AlMoassam, Abdullah Saleh Mohammed Abdullah Raisi, Salem Mohammed Abdullah Al-Murr, Rashed Abdullah Abdul Razzaq Ali Al-Awadhi, Manal Mohammed Jumaa Abdul Rahman Al Qattan Al Malki, Maitha Ibrahim Mohammed Yousif, Noura Ibrahim Al Rashedi, Hamad Ali Mohammed Ali Al Ali, Waleed Abdullah Ahmed Mohsen Al Ameri, Hamid Mohammed Salem Humaid Bousbouaa Al Shamsi, Nasser Mohammed Issa Mohammed AlHolu, Issa Jumaa Obeid Khamis bin Abed Al Muhairi, and Adel Abdul-Aziz Ahmed Saleh Ali Alradami, were promoted to position of Senior Deputy Prosecutors.

Decrees No. (6) and (7) are effective from 29 November 2018, while Decrees No. (8), (9) and (10) are effective from 1st January 2019. All Decrees will be published in the Official Gazette.







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